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Benefits of Therapy FAQ
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"If you want to set out on a journey and there is no road or road map laid out for you to follow, it is possible to create your own. 

It will take a bit longer to get to your final destination because you’re having to start from zero, but in the end, with patience, diligence, and a sincere belief in yourself and your vision, you will get there."

Therapist in East Devon

Benefits of Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can help you:

  • To take control of your life
  • To reduce conflict: internal and interpersonal
  • To overcome your struggles
  • To find meaning and purpose in life
  • To overcome difficult feelings: anxiety, anger, grief, fear
  • To increase the quality of your relationships
  • To overcome repetitive life patterns
  • To encourage you to grow and develop
  • To discover who you are and increase self awareness

Please note: Professional help can be sought at any time. Often people seek guidance when they feel life is not satisfying, or because they want to feel good about themselves or have more intimate relationships with loved ones. Some people just want to understand themselves and learn about who they are and how they interact with others and the world.

In these circumstances psychotherapy truly can be a process of self discovery and self actualisation.

For more details on the services I offer in Sidmouth and the surrounding East Devon and west Dorset areas, please get in touch with me today.


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Registered Psychotherapist and counsellor based in Sidmouth and working across East Devon.

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The Community Partnership, Mill Street, Sidmouth, Devon. EX10 8DF

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